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You know how winter drags on?  How eventually you get used to the monotone browns and grays and you begin to believe that this is how life will always be, that time will stretch into perpetuity in black and white?  And you’re OK with that because you’re used to it.  Heck, by now you’re so used to […]

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Wildlife Central 2010

All fall I beat myself up because I wasn’t publishing this year’s update to my Wildlife Central post. I wasn’t publishing because I swear I took a picture of a little frog again this year yet I can’t find the picture anywhere.  But then I looked at my archives and realized that 2009′s post didn’t […]

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Wildlife Central 2009

This post was originally posted December 2009.  When I went to link to it today I realized it never made the migration to the new blog so I’m re-publishing it now. Wildlife Central.  That’s the tongue-in-cheek name we’ve given our new house. We were eased into it.  When we drove by (OK, sometimes obsessively) to look at […]

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It’s hard to believe that my nephew, Miles, is one already!  About ten minutes ago he looked like this: And now he’s this big, blue eyed human being with a wicked sense of humor: they still kinda like each other My sister and I were talking the other day about how hard it is to […]

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Six People Twelve Times – February

One of my favorite photographers, Tara Whitney, posts a series of family pictures on her blog which she calls Six People Twelve Times.  I absolutely adore seeing her posts come up…and just coincidentally we also have six people in our family (it sure was nice of Tara to have four kids so the title works […]

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This handsome young man REALLY loves raspberries. When his brothers blow them it makes him laugh and laugh. He’d love to be able to blow raspberries himself, but he can’t quite make it work. Here’s how it goes: His brother blows a raspberry on someone’s tummy and Beckett laughs and laughs: And then Beckett tries. […]

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A Project

Earlier this month I sat down to make a photo book of a fun family event. I went through the pictures, placed them lovingly on each page, remembered what a fun time we had together, how much we love each other, what an awesome thing this family is. I got to the end and realized […]

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True story

It’s hard to believe it’s true, but once upon a time I was just a girl and there was no Simon. And now there’s this: Almost eight years later I still can’t believe he’s mine.

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I heart faces – Let it SNOW!

This week’s theme is Winter Wonderland.  My oldest, enjoying the snow:     From the bigger set found here

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And just like that, a month has passed without a post. To my defense, my dog died then my computer died and then it was Christmas and that pretty much brings us to now. I am, of course, way behind in posting pictures but I guess there’s nothing to do but leap in. During the […]

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