Wild Child [Arvada, CO three-year photos]

It’s about time I shared the photos from Alba’s Arvada three year photos!  You can see her at two, one and brand new. I stand by three being the hardest age to parent (I mostly […]

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Miss one-derful [Arvada, CO 1-year pictures]

Miss Arya turned one this summer.  We met one Saturday morning to get some 1-year pictures before she grows up completely.  One is such a fun age…still holding on to the chubbiness of babyhood while […]

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OhOhPokemon Go – Louisville, CO Pokemon hunting

Some of the businesses in our town (Louisville, CO) came together to coordinate a Pokemon GO event.  The businesses put out lures and you could walk around, catch Pokemon, check into businesses on Facebook and win prizes. […]

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Memphis.  My husband trained there last week and I tagged along, as I love to do, to learn a new city. I’m not sure what I expected from Memphis.  I try to arrive at each […]

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Hometown Tourist – Louisville, CO

Sometimes….some times my husband just gets it right. One afternoon I was sitting upstairs, editing pictures and falling deeper and deeper into my foul mood.  My kids appeared at my elbow and told me to […]

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The summer that exists, part 2 #100daysofJBsummer

I feel like I’ve done pretty well in keeping up with this project.  In this segment, we took 2 trips (ie, I lived in my happy place, making it easier for me to share pictures). […]

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The butterfly whisperer [Louisville, CO Butterfly Release]

My darling third born son Kieran received Painted Lady caterpillars for his eighth birthday this spring.  They arrived as teeny, spiky little bugs, grew exponentially every day and soon pupated.  A few days later we […]

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This summer will exist #100daysofJBsummer

Welcome to my 100 days project! If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that I get sucked into the vortex in summer and end up blogging it well into MARCH.  I […]

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Blue eyes and barrettes [Louisville, CO in-home Photography]

Check out this beautiful family. I photographed them in their Louisville, CO home shortly before Christmas.  We chose to meet at home because I feel like kids under the age of three do better at […]

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Savannah in December

I’ve been sitting on this blog post and not sharing it because the overarching timing of this trip brings up many Feelings. It happened in December and December often comes with some really big, not-fun […]

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