Two pigtails, two chubby cheeks, one big grin and….

….one birthday girl!  Miss Alba turned two this summer.  I’m completely in love with the way that the beautiful baby she was has turned into a spunky little girl, just like that!

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Baby A – Freshly Hatched [Boulder County Hopsital Newborn Photography]

That slightly peely brand new skin.  Those teeny tiny fingers and toes.  Those wisps of hair you’ve been dying to know the color of for months.  Those first sleepy (or cry-y if you’re my son) […]

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Pinkle Toes Reunion – Charleston, SC

This post is part of a blog circle so be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the whole thing! When I attended my Pinkle Toes Workshop last summer I […]

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The season in which we actually leave the house

So we actually do leave the house in other seasons, but I love the way soccer season forces us to hang out outdoors for a certain number of hours a week, right when the light […]

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Spring break 2015

All winter I look forward to Spring Break, adamantly, passionately intending to have ALL THE ADVENTURE. Then, without fail, every spring break we are sick, tired or the weather is bad. This spring break we […]

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As I looking through the pictures from Simon’s birth day I was filled all the emotions of that day again. I’ve written about it many times before – about how my firstborn was nothing at […]

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Ft. Collins Museum of Discovery

I’d been meaning to take the kids to the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery for at least a year but I kept putting it off because I wasn’t quite sure if the museum was good, and […]

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You know how when you meet a baby you think “huh. Looks like a baby to me,” but then you look back and see THAT’S MY KID!? This picture is so Kieran. I didn’t know […]

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The years are short

Excuse me for a moment while I indulge in a moment of melancholic reverie. About ten minutes ago (I swear), when I was deep under a pile of babies and babies and babies and then […]

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Wide awake and taking it all in [Arvada, CO Newborn Photography]

I feel very fortunate that I got pictures of this sweet baby sleeping when I met her for the first time because, aside from the picture below (look at those lashes!), Little Miss was awake, […]

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