The family that plays together [Centennial Family Photography]

This was one of my favorite photo sessions, ever!  Everyone wore clothes that they liked and felt comfortable in, we walked to places where they normally hang out together and play as a family, everyone was relaxed and laid back…we just had a fun, mellow time!  The result is photos that show them at play, just loving each other and having fun!


2015-01-19_00012015-01-19_00022015-01-19_00032015-01-19_00042015-01-19_00052015-01-19_00062015-01-19_00072015-01-19_00082015-01-19_00092015-01-19_0010 2015-01-19_0011 2015-01-19_00122015-01-19_0013 2015-01-19_00142015-01-19_0015 2015-01-19_00162015-01-19_0017 2015-01-19_00182015-01-19_00192015-01-19_00202015-01-19_00212015-01-19_0022 2015-01-19_00232015-01-19_00242015-01-19_00252015-01-19_00262015-01-19_00272015-01-19_00282015-01-19_00292015-01-19_00302015-01-19_0031


Interested in booking your own family lifestyle session!?  Contact me!

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ALL the grandkids


Every year for my dad’s (December) birthday I give him a set of holiday cards with all of the grandkids on them. This then converts into an easy holiday gift for my parents, who are notoriously difficult to buy for.

This year the grandkids ranged in age between 18 months and 11 years old. With an 18 month old and a two year old to corral I really needed my older kids to help and cooperate. So, of course, my eleven year old lost it and tried to refuse to participate in the photos. The toddlers were easier than my adolescent!

We managed to pull it all together and I am delighted with the results! My parents ended up with a lovely card and a picture of all the grandkids in one place. Awesome!

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The last of the minis! [Arvada family photography]

I have a few sessions I’ve been holding onto until after Christmas cards were delivered so I don’t spoil the surprise.  I think we’re in the clear now for sure for sure!  This was my sister’s part of the family mini sessions that provided the grandkids pictures (oooo, I need to share these!) and my brother and sister-in-love’s pictures.  My sister has such a FUN family and I think this first picture shows that completely! :)


Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer

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The making of our holiday card

Our holiday card ended up being a lot of fun this year!

Making it was a multi-part process.  Step 1, I took everyone up to my “studio” (spare bedroom) and took a bunch of pictures – some silly, some serious.  Each person got to choose their own photo to use in the card.



I then had 8×10 prints made of the chosen photos.


In part 2 I set up my lights in the living room and we took a series of pictures with us holding our photos over our faces:


And then I attempted to get a “straight” family photo for the back of the card.  I’ll be frank: swear words were said in the process and I still don’t like the result!


Then we put it all together to make our card:


After Christmas I edited the card to make thank-you notes (I think I like these even better than the card!)


All and all we had a lot of fun making these!  It was very, very frustrating taking the family photos myself.  I think in the future I’ll take my own advice and get someone else to take our holiday photo for us!  And, maybe, swear less next time.

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Happy longest night of the year!

This is the main body of your blog post. If we can give you once piece of advice, keep it brief.

Every winter Solstice we celebrate by not turning our lights on and conducting our evening by candlelight.  This year we added sparklers!  I love this opportunity to honor the dark, celebrate the light and take things down a few (million) notches between the end of school and Christmas chaos.


Beckett’s first sparkler ever!

After dinner and sparklers we cuddled up to watch a movie in the dark.  Cozy!

The night ended with pouring rain, because nothing says dead of winter in Colorado like rain…..  The raindrops were like jewels caught in the Christmas lights.

Happy Solstice!  The light is coming!

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Speaking of mini sessions….[Arvada Family Portrait Photography]

Speaking of mini sessions, every year I give my dad a card to give out for Christmas with pictures of all his grandkids on it (pictures coming after Grandpa gets his card!!).  This year my siblings and I met in a park to get a picture of all the kids together and while we were there we did a quick mini session with each family so they had family pictures for Christmas.  I think my sister wants to wait to share until after she’s sent her card, but my sister-in-law kindly allowed me to share her photos.  Aren’t my niece’s pigtails to die for!?


Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer
Arvada family photographer

If you’re interested in a mini session to get some quick Christmas card photo, check out my Create-Your-Own Mini session special, running now.

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Announcing create-your-own mini sessions! [Louisville, CO Holiday family photos]



Just in time for holiday cards and easy Christmas gifts, I’m announcing a new promotion!  Create-your-own Mini sessions!!

How they work:  Gather your family or a group of families to get family pictures taken.  $500 secures your mini session ($500 for your family, $250 each for 2 families…find 4 families and pay only $125 per family!).  Each family receives a 10-30 minute session (dependent on the number of families participating) and one free digital file.  Organizer/host receives 5 digital files.  So even if it’s just your family $500 secures you a quick and dirty family photoshoot and 5 digital files!

Where to hold them: Wherever you like!  Your house, a park, your holiday party, your front porch…in front of an evergreen tree.  We can work together to find a location that makes this easiest and most attractive for you.

Who this is great for: Great for people who aren’t ready to invest in a full photographic experience right now and/or who just want basic family pictures for holiday cards and gifts.

So gather your friends and loved ones and create a picture you’re proud to send out on your holiday cards AND have Christmas gifts made at the same time!

Session must be held by December 6, 2014. All families participating will receive up to 10 photos in a private online gallery so they can select their free digital file.  Additional digital files will be available for purchase for $75 each or $250 for all.  Contact me to create your mini session!


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Senseless acts of beauty: Summer camping edition


It’s been a long time since I shared some senseless acts of beauty! I realized I never shared any summer camping pictures. We’ve had a beautiful, warm fall here in Colorado but tomorrow will bring arctic cold (no!) so today seems like a good day to remember summer!

We went on two camping trips this summer. The first was with my in-laws to the Great Sand Dunes. One of my favorite places on earth!

Our second day there we decided to hike to the tallest dune. There were 60mph winds that day, a condition miserable on most days but 60mph blowing sand is just miserable. We ended up crawling the last bit but we made it to the top of the world. Exhilarating!!



The best family selfie we could get in the driving wind, on top of the world:

It was a wonderful trip!

The second trip was with my family to Eleven Mile State Park. Which was a much further drive but so, so much more beautiful than we’d anticipated. 2014-11-09_0011.jpg

The point of the trip was fishing. The fish weren’t biting but we (I) caught lots and lots of crawdads with our bare hands! 2014-11-09_0008.jpg

This picture of Simon makes me laugh every time I see it.

I hope you have a beautiful day.

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Adorable family in Purple Park [Superior, CO Family Photography]

I realized when I launched Family Portrait Month (a huge thank you to all who participated!) that I never shared this family from way back in May!  These kids are at sich great ages and are just crtazy about each other.  Can you tell!?


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Corporate headshots [Louisville, CO headshot photographer]

This client needed something more formal to use in his online business presence.  We tried more formal (with a tie) and more casual for a variety of looks.  The end result?  Handsome!

Boulder County headshots photographer
Boulder County headshots photographer
Boulder County headshots photographer
Boulder County headshots photographer
Boulder County headshots photographer
Boulder County headshots photographer

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