Look at the one you love best! {Arvada, Colorado Family photographer}

I get to see this darling family on Saturday, which made me realize I never shared their fall session!   .                             […]

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Girls!! {Louisville, CO Family Photographer}

As impossible as it sounds, my brother, the little punk I grew up with, has two cute-as-a-button daughters.  Clearly my sister-in-law has good genes!  (Just kidding, bro). At the time of these pictures Alba was […]

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Where were the JBs today!? January 17, 2016 {Louisville, CO Family Photographer}

You can’t fulfil your dreams of playing in the NHL until you learn skate, so that’s what we’re doing. What we learned: ice is slick. Skating hurts. Flying free on the ice is pure joy! I […]

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Where are the JBs today, Januray 16, 2016 {Louisville, CO Family Photography}

Where were the Johnson boys today!?  Can you guess!?   We sat on every couch.  Every single one. We walked until our feet felt like they were going to fall off. We wanted to buy […]

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Not His Mom [Louisville, CO family photographer]

Yesterday I shared how my own kid refused to participate in family photos.  That same day my nephew pulled something similar but much more normal and subtle. First, I photographed his big brother, who was happy […]

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There’s always One [Louisville, CO family photographer]

See this cute picture of Beckett, looking all sweet and happy?  Enjoy it.  It’s probably the last of its kind for a good long while. After years of photographing my children, I’ve learned that there […]

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That brother thing {Louisville, CO Family Photography}

This family.  They love being together and they’re just FUN together.  Can you tell!? You know that way that brothers have, where they so clearly adore each other and express it by wrestling, sitting on […]

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Summer Sundays: The summer the grass grew taller than me

All spring it rained.  It rained so much it was hard to believe we’d ever dry out!  It rained so much that the grass in the open space near our house grew taller than me! […]

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Summer Sundays – Swimming!

We just got in from hanging lights and I was chilled to the bone after standing outside after the sun went down with temps in the 40’s. They say it won’t get out of the […]

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Summer Sundays – Monterey, CA

The very next week after we visited South Dakota my parents took us to Monterey, California.  The purpose of the trip was to allow Simon and Quinn to participate in a program there. For Simon’s birthday, […]

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